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We want to propel Inventors and Start-ups beyond their expectations, and we can't stress enough that success is also about “who you know”.

Start-ups and Inventors that wish to develop their products are faced with critical challenges namely Intellectual property, financial requirements, lack of resources or expertise, limited time to execute the product development cycle.

Prior to starting the product development cycle, we must address the Intellectual property constraints and options. There are a number of options and strategies that we can work with you to reduce the cost of Intellectual Property protection, or to work with existent patent holders to expedite the protection process, and ensure the best strategy in developing your product.

We recommend to inventors to begin with a Patent and design search including: 

  • Research of Prior Art (Patents and Design)
  • Analyze the eligibility of the inventor to obtain a subsidy to finance a first Patent (covers 50% of the costs, available in Quebec only)
  • Evaluation and guidance to formulate the parameters that define the product.
  • Product Branding and Trademarks (Registration and application)

We work with Canadian Patent Attorneys and US and Patent Agents to help our clients achieve their businesses goals.

We can provide Provisional Patent Pending applications, Design registrations and Trademark applications along with recommendations and referrals for complete IP Protection solutions that are specific to your product.

Once this first phase of the Product development cycle completed we can then concentrate our efforts in:

  • Conceptual Development

  • Ergonomic studies

  • Product Exploration

  • Application and Product Styling

  • Prototyping

  • Production

  • Distribution services

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At 911 Innovation Inc., we comply with all Canadian and American laws and regulations, and we respect the confidentiality rules of the business affairs of our clients.

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